Most of the times, we wait until time catches up with us before taking a decision that is meant to shape our future. We are well aware of the fact that 'he who fails to plan, plans to fail' but we end up falling victims of unpreparedness and unfulfilled dreams. We leave things to fate and this eventually put us in a state of ineptitude that yields meagre reward...more often than not, man is the architect of his own rising or falling- not chance occurrences.
Every man or woman, whether rich or poor has been given equal amount of time per day [i.e 24hrs/day] to utilize but what makes the difference is how we put our time to use; the mental energy we expend in developing innovative means of making life better. As the saying goes: 'our today is a consequence of our many yesterdays'. However, we can take charge of tomorrow right now by mapping out strategies that will usher us into the desirable future we hope for.
The time zones of life
There are basically two critical time zones in the life of every man: 'NOW' or 'LATER'. The influence of the 'now' on the 'later' cannot be overemphasized. Failing to act now is the root of procrastination...and this could beget 'never'- one is robbed of what would have been his had he planned ahead and taken charge of his today.
For the purpose of this write-up; the 'now' requires that you start up your 2017 at this very moment- this is not asking that you start worrying about your tomorrow (2017) but that you plan ahead. Come to think of it: all that you have between 2016 and 2017 is relatively just a 'thin sheet of minutes' hence the need for you to set aside a quality chunk of what is left of year 2016 to plan towards a fulfilling and rewarding year 2017. Project into the new year and create a leverage for yourself.
New year resolution is not enough
Without a mind that is committed to excellence, talking up goals and having a mental knowledge of your desires will only leave you with a wish-wash- your aspirations and visions will lack flavour if you are not committed to actualizing them.
Following the trend of making new year resolutions with your heart not being in it, will consequently leave you with a backlog of activities. So as you approach year 2017, do not follow public opinion of wantonly making new year resolutions- scrap the word 'new year resolution' out of your thinking- and just resolve to be better right from this moment.
George S. Clason, in his book, 'the richest man in Babylon', wrote: "Preceding accomplishment must be desire. Thy desires must be strong and definite. General desires are but weak longings." Your desires for 2017 should be a function of your own decisions- not in the rituals of new year resolution. So, form the habit of setting priorities and this you can begin to practice NOW! You should not stop even if you do not get it right is a dress rehearsal for a glorious 2017 and you will surely get it right in a short while.
Year 2017 starts in a brief...set your 'wheels' in motion NOW!