Egusi is a dish which is mostly common among the Yorubas and the Igbos. It is eaten with different dishes such as Eba, pounded yam (iyan ),wheat, rice and so on.There are different method of preparing Egusi soup. One of such process is this.
*Red Oil
*Meat,Fish, dried crayfish

*Locust beans (iru )
*pepper(rodo )
*Bitter leaf or Ugwu
Pour the red oil into a clean pot and heat for two (2) minutes.Blend pepper (rodo ) with Onions.put locust beans (iru) inside the heated oil.pour the grinded pepper inside the heated red oil.Add salt and Maggi to taste.Add crayfish,meat,fish.
Put the Egusi in a clean bowl and add small quantity of water. Make sure the Egusi mixture is thick.Add the Egusi paste into the pepper sause and cover the pot for 10 minutes.
Put the bitter leaf or Ugwu into a plate and add a pinch of salt to ensure the Bitterleaf is properly washed.put the Ugwu into the egusi sauce and cover.Leave for atleast 10 minutes.
Then serve with most preferably pounded yam or fufu.