County Spreads
How do you like to have your bread served? With jam or mayonnaise spread in-between or with some delicious stew? Well, for those of us who love to indulge in some fatty goodness, any of the following spreads should present a healthy choice. Besides, you might find them useful as intensifier or a fitting condiment for doing your baking.

Blue band: Blue band is certainly not an unfamiliar brand in Nigeria. It is one of the few brands that has so far stood the test of time. This spread which is made from top quality vegetable oil, has low fat content, and it is rich in vitamins A, D and E as well as some essential minerals.
Blue band is good for kids as it promotes growth and development; adults are, of course, not left out from enjoying its tastiness. It is available in 250g, 450g and 900g packs, and it could cost between N600 - N1,400 depending on the size.

Golden penny: Golden penny spread is another nutritious one that is filled with goodness for gourmets. It is a rich source of essential vitamins like vitamins A, B6, B12, D, E, folic acid and niacin. Like Blue band, it is also available in 250g, 450g and 900g pack sizes. The price is between N300 – N1,500. It will make a great complement on your meal whether you just spread it on your toast or use it in some other ways.

Mamador: By producing the ‘Classic spread' through its Mamador brand, PZ Wilmer continues to sustain its commitment towards doling out healthy and tasty edibles – Mamador vegetable cooking oil should definitely ring a bell here. Mamador Classic spread contains vitamins, soy lecithin, sodium and essential fat. It is free from cholesterol and trans fat. The product is only available in 250g and 450g packs; the price for the 250g pack is N350 while the 450g pack is between N650 and N750.

Oldenburger: German dairy product manufacturer, Oldenburger abides by its rule of making quality consumables with this highly nutritious butter. Oldenburger butter will make such a wonderful delicacy that your taste-bud will find too hard to resist. It contains essential fat, protein as well as other vital nutrients. The butter is available in two varieties – the salted and unsalted. The salted 250g Oldenburger butter sells for between N1,200 - N1,500 while the unsalted variety cost about N3,200. The price is on the high-side, no doubt, but I make bold to say that it is the price paid for good taste + appetizing flavour.

Flora: I find it hard to leave this (Flora) butter out of this review…the reason is down to the nutrients and rich buttery taste every scoop delivers. It is made from vegetable oils sourced from Sunflower, linseed and rapeseed, and it is rich in vitamins A and E. It is available in different blends with each having varying mixture of ingredients. By the way, Flora used to be a Unilever brand before it was sold off to KKR. Based on my submission earlier; this is not supposed to make the cut as it is somewhat scarce to come by but for its richness I couldn't just leave it out. So, whenever you come across this buttery delight, you should not hesitate to lay your hand on it and savor the taste. The 500g pack of Flora cost about N3,300.

Summerfield county: To bring this review to a close, I shall take a look at a spread made wholly from plant-based ingredients. Summerfield is cholesterol-free and contains essential fat as well as some beneficial vitamins. The quality put into making the spread is simply top-notch and you will certainly love the taste. It is available in 500g pack which cost between N950 - N1,100.