Greeting from Scalerites,

Your probably might have heard Jach Welch saying the smartest entrepreneurs in 21st century are not those who will reinvent the wheel, but those that will leverage on the know-how of others. I believe Jack was saying this because of the challenges that are involved in starting and running a profitable venture.

Without question, starting a business (especially if you are in Africa and Nigeria in particular) can be needlessly complicated. Been compliance with different regulatory bodies, raising fund, managing investors, managing customers, solving the chicken and the egg question while been mindful of resource limitation is precisely why many brilliant people has throw in the towel on their great ideas.

It is for this purpose that Scalerites was birthed; an easy to use platform that promise and deliver an end to end solution to new generation of Africa startups. With Scalerites, you now have a powerful platform that would turn your idea from just a concept to a viable business with a totally scalable business model while ensuring compliance with all relevant agencies.

Some of the service offers by Scalerites include;

48 hours incorporation: Getting Company incorporated in Nigeria until now has always been cumbersome, in a wrong hand it could take months and cost fortune to get incorporated, however, with the help of Scalerites you can get your idea incorporated in 48 hours at a fraction of the market charges.

Online platform: With 4.5 billion (and still growing) people which represent 59% of world population now on the internet, it’s crystal clear that the present and future of any viable business lies on the internet. Scalerites will help designed a customers and investor friendly web platform.

Marketing campaign: There are two types of people that are essential to every business, the people who bring your idea to reality and the people who sell your idea. Everything else is a cost. Yet, there is a right and wrong way of doing marketing. If your product is not making the right noise in front of the right audience, you are not doing it right. Scalerites is one name you can trust if it comes to running effective marketing campaign.

Funding: As far as running a successful business is concern, you are but one side of the coin, money is the other. In particular, money keeps your business afloat. With money, you can make mistake, correct them and continue going. Accordingly, depending on the stage of development, business model and size of the market, Scalerites help connect promising startups to local and international investors.

Boring Yet Essential: Scalerites also help handle those boring yet essentials things to running a business.

What is more? Scalerites offers a world class support that ensure you are never alone at any stage of your business development. At Scalerites, we don’t see client, we see partners that we can grow together. We believe we only have business when we continue to grow yours.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to Scalerites or Olaniyan Toni the Co-founder and CEO of Scalerites on any of the below channels

Office: CBC Tower, Off Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1
Hotline: 08022210449, 08032725918.
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