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    Tecno w2 display and design

    Tecno W2 is relatively an unpopular brand in the Tecno W series with Tecno W4 as a relatively popular brand, it comes in different colors with the most popular being black.

    The Tecno W2 runs on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and features a 4.5” FWVGA display touchscreen with a resolution of 854 x 840 ppi for maximizing the daytime viewing and enhancing the night time viewing. Its dimensions are 136 * 67.3 * 11.4mm, this will sure fit into your palms seamlessly.

    Techno W2 boast a 2.0MP back and front camera with flash. The camera modes vary, this is to cater for the poor picture quality arising from the low camera pixel so that you can argue that the picture was taken with a camera greater than 2.0pixel.

    The Tecno W2 is a dual SIM phone, this reduces the thought and stress of you moving around with two phones especially if you are the type that has different needs being met by different network providers.

    Hardware and memory

    Tecno W2 is powered by a 32-bit, 1.3GHz quad-core processor. It’s RAM is 1GB with a 8GB built-in storage which is expandable by up to 32GB via a microSD slot.

    Connectivity and Power

    Enjoy long battery life in the 2500mAh battery. Although Tecno W2 does not have a fast charging feature that makes charging the batteries faster and easier, the battery can take up to two days for an extended and multitasking function because there are no sophisticated apps that will drain battery life for no just cause. Tecno W2 also supports Bluetooth functionality, WiFi and USB.

    Compare with Tecno W3 and Tecno W1

    General Information

    Body & Display

    Screen/display 4.5”
    Resolution HD 854 x480 IPS
    Colours Vary
    Dimension 136 * 67.3 * 11.4mm


    136 mm
    67.3 mm

    11.4 mm

    Keyboard Capacitive Touch Screen cover OS

    Operating system Android 6.0
    CPU 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor

    Internal memory 8 GB
    Memory card microSD up to 32GB
    RAM 1 GB


    Back Camera 8MP, up to 4128×3096-pixel pictures, geo-tagging camera with
    LED flash

    Front Camera 0.3MP, up to 640×480-pixel pictures


    Capacity 2500 mAh polymer battery
    Wireless charging No

    Network Support

    2G Network GSM :850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    3G Network WCDMA:900/2100
    Edge Yes
    Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
    Wi-Fi Hotspot yes
    Bluetooth Yes
    GPRS yes
    3.5 mm jack yes
    USB Micro USB 2.0

    Sim/sim slot Micro SIM, Dual Sim


    SMS/MMS Yes
    Instant Messaging Yes
    Push Emails
    Email Protocol

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    The 10 Healthiest Foods on the Planet
    These 10 super foods are proven, expert-beloved disease fighters and energy boosters. Add them to your meals and get on the fast track to a super-healthy body.

    1. ORANGES




    1. SALIMON0_1483116698057_salimon.jpg

    2. WALNUTS

    3. AVOCADOS0_1483116760947_avocados.jpg

    4. GARLIC

    5. SPINACH

    6. BEANS

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    Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode was at the third edition of Olamide Live In Concert, Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotels and suites. #OLIC3.

    Maybe truly, like Olamide said, He was adopted by the Governor, LOL...…

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    I have my best friend as a Muslim.. And im preparing for my wedding ceremony...
    Its a week already so then I request him to be my BESTMAN. He accepts to be, But he gives a condition that he won't go into the church with me. What can I do???
    Im confused!

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    How it works:
    Get 4 people and be paid 50k as soon as possible
    Get 2 people and get paid 50k in 1week

    Get nobody and get paid 50k after 2weeks..

    (Computer automatically merges u with 4 people)

    Register with 12,500 today and stand a chance of being 1.6 million richer in less than 3 months.
    You join free and pay $25 (N12,500) to the person nominated in the matrix, normally your 2nd level up, and you will have a spot in their 2 X 2 matrix. That is the LEVEL 1.

    Get your 2, and your 2 get their 2 and those 4 people that landed on your pay line, your green zone pay you $25 X 4=$100 (N50,000). Out of your profit, re-enter and follow your sponsor in his new matrix and pay the person 2 levels above you. As that matrix fills again with 6 people under you, you cycle the $100 (N50,000) again, and again without limit, giving you $75 (N37,500) profit each time you cycle.

    LEVEL 2
    You upgrade with $50 (N25,000) out of your profits.
    It is also 2x2 matrix.
    As your downlines follow you, together with spillovers from your uplines, you cycle $50 x 4= $200 (N100,000). Re-enter as you did in the $25 matrix. You keep profiting with the cycle of $200 over and over without limit, giving you $150 each time you cycle, which is N75,000 net profit over and over and over again without end.

    LEVEL 3
    It is also a 2x2 matrix.
    In the same manner, you upgrade to this matrix with $100 (N50,000).
    At this level you earned $100 x4 = $400 (N200,000), giving you a net profit of N150,000 over and over without end.

    LEVEL 4
    It is also a 2x2 matrix.
    In the same manner, you upgrade to this matrix with $200 (N100,000).
    At this level you earned $200 x4 = $800 (N400,000), giving you a net profit of N300,000 over and over

    Pm me for more details

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    The Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday said Nigeria’s population and natural resources have put the country in a difficult situation among comity of nations.

    Buhari said this while receiving members of the National Planning and Implementation Committee of the first National Youth Open Water Swimming Competition, tagged Youth Unity Cup 2016 at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

    The delegation was led by the Chairman of Senate Committee on Works, Senator Kabir Gaya. The President said the nation was in a tight situation where everybody expects it to do well.

    He attributed the huge expectation from Nigeria to its quality human and material resources. He said Nigerians, especially the youth, should therefore be up and doing in order to show the world that the country’s population was not for nothing.

    The President said, “Our size as Nigeria, our natural resources and our population have put us in a very difficult position, not only in Africa but throughout the world.

    “Everybody expects Nigeria to perform because of our quality human and material resources. So this is putting a lot of responsibilities on us, especially the youth.

    “We just have to be up and doing in order to show Africa and the rest of the world that our size and number are not for nothing. We should prove that we can produce competitive individuals and we are able to manage ourselves.

    “I am pleased to be associated with this event. I have been told how you have been training very hard. Please, try to convince your colleagues to be more competitive so that you can justify our size and our resources.

    In his remarks, Gaya described the competition as “an exceptional initiative that will mark a massive turnaround in sporting development of Nigeria.”

    He commended Buhari for what he called his “deep concern” in building a better Nigeria for the youth.

    The federal lawmaker acknowledged the “myriads of developmental strides” the present administration has achieved.

    He listed them to include commitment to the anti-graft campaign; the multi-billion naira youth empowerment fund; N-Power Youth Entrepreneurship Development and Empowerment Programme for over 500,000 youths; market women empowerment; as well as massive boost and investment in agricultural development and rice cultivation.

    Gaya listed the objectives of the competition to include raising a pool of responsive young Nigerian swimmers; discovering hidden talents and breeding future stars and professionals to represent Nigeria in international swimming competitions; as well as to promote cohesion, national peace, unity and security among youths.


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    Oya, I Know 95% Of You Won’t Get The Answer!! Solve This Simi, Adekunle Gold & Falz Riddle – Lets Go!

    First 2 people to get the correct answer gets 100 naira Airtime immediately.....
    Drop ur phone number and network together with ur reply
    (limited to one answer)

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    Bad Roads in Nigeria

    Bad Roads in Nigeria
    After several years of plying this bad road, the residents of Olukunle Akinola street began to have discomfort whenever there is rainfall. It happens that after any rain, both car owners and pedestrians have to find alternative routes because the road as always flooded...

    Back in previous years the said road is always graded during the dry season by the "IDI oparun Community Development Association"

    But the community has taken a bold step to apply coal tar on the road.

    Ask Nigeria gathered that the West Africa Theological Seminary which has her main campus on the street made a donation of about 30 million naira in support to make the road better for her students and the community at large.. Residents say a big thank you to the CDA.

    Source: correspondent

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    We welcome all viewers to this amazing platform where if determined, hardworking and diligent, you can easily achieve those beautiful dreams of yours. What is this RIIAB all about and why was this group created?

    This is a great and unique opportunity in RIIAB networking business. All u need to start is just N400

    This is how it works....

    RIIAB means Residual Income In A Box
    It's a system with Member to Member Payment. That means it is a direct payment scheme to personal accounts and not to any third party or admin or internet site.

    All you need to be part of it is just N400 only. You pay it to the bank account of the person that referred you to the business. That person is the one that will approve your registration after receiving alert of your payment to his/her bank account

    When the 4 person join under you, your total earning is N1,600

    You will then use N800 to upgrade to level 2.

    This time the upgrading money goes to the upline of your upline. On receiving the alert of your payment, he/she will now approve your request to upgrade to level 2

    In level 2, you earn all the level 2 upgrades of the people in your level 2. They are the downlines of your 4 downlines. They are 16 people in number and they will pay N800 each to your own bank account. The total is N12,800

    You will now use N4,000 out of the money to upgrade to level 3. You pay your level 3 upgrade money to the bank account of your level 3 upline up.
    Dont bother about this, the system will always show u the person u'll pay any upgrade fee to...together with his/her phone number and bank details

    At level 3, you earn a total of N256,000
    Out of that money, you will take about N20,000and upgrade to level 4. Once the alert of your payment of level 4 is received, your upline who received it will now approve it for you.

    At level 4, you earn a total of N5,120,000

    The program ends at level 4.
    If you are serious to work on this, you can generate a total of over N5.12million within few months.

    You need Just four people to work with and the four people also get their own four people and continues...

    In summary:

    level 1 = 4 people
    level 2 = 16 People
    level 3 = 64 People
    level 4 = 256 People

    upgrading fee on each level
    level 1= N400
    level 2= N800
    level 3= N4,000
    level 4= N20,000

    Your income on each level
    level 1= #1,600
    level 2= #12,800
    level 3= #256,000
    level 4= #5,120,000

    Very cool right? Now this is where an idea came in. An idea that can help us all get to those higher levels as soon as possible.

    R.I.I.A.Bites want to create another organisation in an existing organisation. What do i mean by that?
    We want to create a forum with people of like minds. Now instead of inviting just four downlines which the system wants, we would work on inviting as more as possible so we can easily add them to our downlines. In a nutshell, we are going to be helping ourselves grow and attain those higher levels.

    Dont forget Risk takers are the ones who rule the World.. Just #400..

    God bless you much! See you at the top!!

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