Good marriages bedrock of strong society, great nation  NGO

By Bridget Ikyado

Mrs Doreen Damisah, the Convener of Winning Women Initiative, says good marriage is the bedrock of a strong society because it provides the foundation of strong families which leads to better nation.

Damisah said this on Sunday at the third anniversary of the initiative, which has the theme Marriage and relationship in the 21sth century.

The convener added that strong family could lead to progress and development of any society and helped to address ills that might manifest.

She said the Winning Women Initiative was set up in 2019 to equip, empower and support women.

The initiative has created learning platform where women are taught empowerment lessons, topical issues on health, relationships, career, business, family, ministry and other life transforming topics applicable to life situations, she added.

Damisah said that the initiative had helped women to take control of their physically, spiritually, mental and life.

These sessions have also helped in equipping us with wisdom, knowledge and strength to overcome challenges of our lives, she said.

According to her, the organisation will now focus on mentorship and offering leadership coaching for members.

Plans are ongoing to access Federal Government loans and grants as a demonstration of our commitment to truly see every woman being a winner in the economy, the convener said.

Mrs Funmi Olubakin, a marriage coach, said it entailed responsibilities, companionship, sacrifice, commitment and forgiveness.

She spoke on the theme Marriage and relationship in the 21sth century.

She advised couples to shun deceit, irresponsibility and falsehood, to make their marriage work.

Close your ears from the noise of people in the market square and face what you have come to get in your marriage.

Little challenges and stories should not cause distraction to you, whatever battles you have to loose to make your marriage work, is worth it, Olubakin said.

She advised couples to prioritise their marriages and focus on life time companionship.

Reintroduce and revive cultures such as hugging, kissing, chatting, strolling, shopping together and cooking together, this simple things rejuvenate the home, she added.

Mrs Adebola Onesi-Lawani, who spoke on Parenting, children and teenagers in the 21st century, urged parents to be abreast with the happenings in the world.

Onesi-Lawani, a family counsellor, said being abreast with trends in the society, would equip parents on various ways to advise and train the children in a more understanding and friendly manner.

She cautioned parents against negative behaviour, saying that children copied and imbibed what their parents were doing.

Dont concentrate on only the academics of your children; check what is influencing your child and talk about it, work it out better with the child.

We have sexual abuses, yahoo and yahoo plus. We have what is known as LGBTQ, meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.

Fight for your children and protect them against wrongs, expose them to everything and speak of the dangers of indulging in such acts, she added.

She pleaded with parents to also pray more for their children and play with them.

Mrs Esther Reng, an Etiquette coach, advised women to talk less, ensure personal hygiene and proper etiquette to sustain their marriage.

Learning trades, crafts and indulging in empowerment programes to assist a man is necessary, as well as obidence and submissiveness were key to sustainable marriages, Reng said.(NAN)(

Edited by Idris Abdulrahman

Source: NAN News