For this review, we met a dealer of 4x4 Ceiling slates and Nigerite Roofing slates. These 2 building items have alternatives. Unfortunately, he doesn't sell any of the alternatives. They're the PVC Ceiling and the Zinc Aluminium Roofing Sheets.

He gave us his honest idea on the strengths and weaknesses of these building materials. And since he doesn't sell the alternatives, we couldn't take any snapshots.

PVC Ceiling

  • PVC is made up of plastic

  • PVC is less Expensive

  • PVC Ceiling can easily catch fire, since it's made up of plastic.

  • PVC cannot protect from Sun and Heat

  • It's just for fashion

4x4 Ceiling
4x4 ceiling

  • It can hardly catch fire. Strong against fire.

  • It is more expensive than PVC Ceiling

  • It can absorb heat, protects from sun's heat

  • A single Sheet costs N1,200 Naira

And so therefore, you be the judge, if you're building a house, would you go for PVC Ceiling or 4x4 Ceiling? I understand that because of the price, some would choose PVC Ceiling, and also because it's in vogue, but we at AskNigeria would like you to put your safety first and choose wisely.

We shall keep this page updated with the price of PVC Ceiling and it's pictures.

These are the views of an independent dealer. AskNigeria did not in any way influence research data.