We carried out an independent research at a cement dealer shop and we asked him questions as regards the pros and cons of the building materials he has on ground. He sells Dangote 3X Cement and Lafarge Elephant Cement. He also has a Block moulding Factory.

We asked him which cement is preferably among his clients? he answered saying everyone comes with his her taste. None can be said is better than the other.

Market Dynamics
Dangote moves slightly faster than Lafarge at his store sometimes, though more expensive. Dangote Cement 3X is priced at N2,200 while Lafarge Cement is priced at N2,150. Lafarge is good for plastering, and has another brand entirely for plastering. See picture below. It's very smooth and seemingly the best in this field.
lafarge plastering cement

He said some people returned the Dangote they bought from him, but didn't explain further reason why. He says they're coming back to fetch them.

He said the Lafarge Cement is good for in block casting.

Blocks Moulding
Cement Best used in Moulding Blocks
He says he uses both cement brand for block moulding, but found out that Dangote cement when used for moulding blocks in the raining season dries faster than Lafarge Cement.


  • Price: N2, 200.

  • Some customers returned their Dangote 3X cement.

  • Good for moulding Blocks

  • More expensive


  • Good for plastering, using it's plastering brand

  • Good for in block casting

  • Price is N2, 150

  • Cheaper

These were all we could gather from our field study. If you have good experience using these building materials, kindly help others reading to give your own views and experiences. AskNigeria might have missed some important aspects of these 2 competing goods that you can help shed more light on.

These are the views of an independent dealer. AskNigeria did not in any way influence research data.