If we fail to communicate, we fail to tell others our existence and our being. It doesn't really matter then whether we have the freedom of speech or not. Those of us who are good communicators are recognized and are generally appreciated for their ability in an unbiased environment.

In a biased environment, it is needed even more to avoid barriers and miscommunications that can be fatal for our professional lives and careers in particular. It is now known for a fact that top slots in any organization require effective communication skills. While technical skills or knowledge about our own area or subject takes us forward to a certain extent; effective communicators carry the clay and of course the dream job or the coveted promotion that everybody was eyeing for.

Organizations need leader to steer them -and the role of communication skills in leadership has been acknowledged universally. The most revered leaders in the human history are the ones with high level competency in communication. We all have certain leadership roles in our own domains. Teachers' role as leaders, who develop nations, are the celebrated ones, universally; just imagine a teacher who fails to communicate what they actually wanted to in any setting, but particularly in a classroom. It surely would be a great opportunity lost; to say the least.