Language is a system of sounds and words used by humans to express their feelings and thoughts.

Language is a combination of words used by nation, race or people.

Is language acquired or innate?
Language acquisition refers to the learning of language for comprehension and production.

Language comprehension refers to how much a Childs understand a language i.e. the depth of what is spoken from birth. While language production refers to a child ability to use language e.g. daddy, mummy.

Some psychologist like Garot says that language operating principles are part of our biological heritage i.e. it is not necessary to sit a child to learn a language but they have an ability to adapt the language of their environment.

The behaviorist who are of the opinion that language is learned in the environment i.e. children learn language only through conditioning. The environment teaches the child its language. Whether language is acquired or innate, imitation is very important used by the child.