We can protect or defend our body against body attack by taking any of the following actions

  1. We should be careful about the type of people we move with or keep as friends
  2. Avoid the practice of night clubbing/going to club at night apart from the fact that this practice can expose you from both physical and emotional attack or can easily be lured to hard drug and other immoral act which can jeopardize your future dreams and aspiration
  3. Don’t put on sexual attractive and provocative dresses especially in public places and event so as not to give yourself undue attention
  4. Do not receive gift from people especially when you are in doubt of the source and motive behind such gift
  5. Do not hesitate to report to your parent, teacher or other trusted but mature people when you are sexually harassed
  6. Be conscious of the nature of issues or topics you discuss when you are in the midst of opposite sex and know how to leave when the situation appear to be getting out of control