1. Knowledge: it can influence value because only knowledge that influence you will influence your character. What you learn will help you in shaping how to take care of children but the knowledge you get from studying early childhood education will help you in taking care of children. The kind of music a person hear in their environment also influence value formation
  2. Formal education: it can also influence value formation, it makes us acquire more and do to inculcate more, it is a skill, knowledge, attitude values that you learn in school that will shape you into who you become. These things influence in your value life. Example, you have to go to school before you can become a lawyer, doctor etc. it will make you become a better person and know what you want in life
  3. Experience: exposure with learning in the classroom, student, lecture, experiences in life leads to value formation. Learning is permanently change in behaviour as a result of past experiences. The experiences will shape who become. If you expose yourself to good things, you will get good values and vice-versa. One can also get experience from their parent either good or bad

  1. Individualism: an individual can make a determined decision to be what he/she will be either negative or positive, no matter what advice you give the person
  2. Sex :Pre-marital sex can lead to value formation, it can make you change your ways and decide to follow the wrong path. e.g. a person that has pre-marital sex can contact HIV/AIDS and ends up having to marry another person with HIV/AIDS will want to change their ways and also to teach their children good values
  3. Technology: Technology can influence your values. It can either be positively/negatively through the use of phones laptops etc. what you see on the internet either good or bad will shape your behaviour and can influence your values

It can be simply be defined as sorting out one’s own value from the value of others and acting on them.