Communication is a skill and we improve our skills by getting feedback on the way we perform them. We can get such feedback by asking an experienced colleague to observe our teaching and to give us feedback.

We can also have someone to respond to on a video tape as we teach which we then inspect critically after work. In either case, the feedback will be better. It uses checklist to judge our performance.

Check list for communication during teaching.

About the style of presentation.

  • Does the teacher speak clearly (loud enough, not the fast faces a class, avoid mannerism)
  • Is teacher non verbal communication suitable (appropriate gesture and expression, moves around, eye centre with the word class)
  • Does the teacher speak understanding (using word that the content should be able to understand) english
  • Is the speed of presentation right(The student must be able to absorb the material that is presented)
  • Is there two way communication (The teacher checks regularly the student have understood)
  • Is there evidence of good relationship between teacher and student (Teacher and student respect each other, listen to each other. )

CONTENT: The Teacher emphasizes important knowledge.

  • Information presented in logical sequence
  • About the place where teaching is happening? It is a determinant for good communication.
  • Is there no noise from outside the school.
  • Ensure the furniture is appropriate and alright (child sized furniture)
  • Ensure the good sitting position of the child.
  • The light is okay (well ventilated)
  • Are the students comfortable (hope the class is not too hot or cold) and be sure the children are comfortable during teaching
  • Use of instructional materials / aids/ resources
  • Are the teaching aid well prepared
  • Unstructured materials must be straight forward (It must contain the basic point)
  • It must be concerned, straight to the point.
  • It must be colourful by combining different colours together
  • Are the teaching aid easy to read and understand. It must be adequate and must not have too much things into it.