A diary is a written account of what someone has completed or a daily account of event in one's life.

Types of Diary

  • Personal diary

  • Dialogue diary

  • Travel diary

Diary can be used appropriately in social studies and history. It allows students to become creatively with the past. Diary may be factual or fictional (imaginative) diary could become a tool of motivation for student as many people keep them.

Diary may be either read (as a document) or written by students. They are opportune to be secret, record, event, values, frustration act of revenge, hope and so on. Writing a diary became a hobby for students. Usually diary provides a largely personal and different perspective on a historical event than a textbook.

How to use Diary.

  • A diary can be used as a document because it can become contracted.
    It is used to determine biased.
  • A student may write an account of a trip in a diary and these account can be shared. It provide the person perspective or custom, tradition, religious practices, examination and social conditions of cultural and regions visited.
  • The student may read aloud a diary of a person from the past or present.
  • Discuss on the reading of the diary and it should focus on teacher data, interpretation of the personal situation, analysis of values and questions pertaining to materials found in the diagram.
  • Company and constructing between current practices, values and lifestyles and those found in the dairy.
  • Another meaningful activity is making a dialogue diary between you and persons from the past and present and future
  • It could also be between two characters from the past, present and future.

NOTE: It is very important that students gain insight into other people’s life backgrounds and knowledge dealing with the time they are writing the diary.

  • If you are using it for relative writing, ensure the children explore all possible scenes.
  • Diary are not free or biased, the act of detecting and dealing with it should be practiced.
  • Students should be warned that factual information may be inaccurate. Therefore, we must consult other sources e.g. textbooks, index, journals etc.
  • Be warned that students may not like to share their personal diary so their right should be respected.