To some persons; cooking is just another arduous exercise that they would wish to avoid but the need to munch on something will however see them reluctantly going into the kitchen. On the other hand, to some others, cooking is nothing but fun; an activity they will always love to engage with great passion.

These ones have the skill to turn meal into a delicacy; leaving everyone’s palate eagerly anticipating the savoury taste of the food so prepared. They have got the magic touch to make the spoon go whithersoever they wish, and whatever method of cooking – poaching, blanching, stewing, steaming, grilling and so on – there is, is never alien to them.

So, if you are one of this gifted few, you may be interested in showcasing your (coking) talent to the world away from your kitchen space and home. And it is for your sake that we have put this article together about a couple of cooking competitions where you can display your culinary skill.

  • Knorr Taste Quest: With cash rewards going into millions of naira and other huge prizes, Knorr Taste Quest can be said to be the highest rewarding cooking competition in the nation. It is set up in form of a TV reality show which usually starts around the middle of the year, and runs for several weeks culminating in the eventual emergence of a winner. Having started back in 2013, the sixth edition of the competition should start airing on TV stations in no distant time. As such, individuals who are interested in participating in this year’s edition can look forward to submit their application via portal in due time.
  • Onga Cooking Competitions: Onga is another seasoning brand that has consistently organised various cooking competitions year in year out. There have been a number of competitions across different settings – market places, schools and so on. With the Onga4bae which was in commemoration of Valentine’s day celebration already gone by, food lovers hoping to show their cookery expertise can look forward to other avenues that would be presented by the brand in the course of the year. The Onga National Campus Cooking Competition which could be held in specific tertiary institutions is one of such.


  • Fiesta of Flavours: Though Fiesta of Flavours is not an out-and-out cooking competition, it does hold some opportunities for couples and kids who desire to let the world have a feel or sight of their gastronomic tendencies. The next edition of Fiesta of Flavours will come up sometimes in September. By the way, it is fitting to state that the event is a food and drink funfair where families and friends can have refreshing time-out.

This is all we can take for now. There will definitely be a series of crash food competitions that would be unveiled as the year rolls by. We hope to keep you posted on these when the application process begins. So stay connected and keep things sizzling.