Unlike the realities that we are faced with years back when learning is strictly consigned to the walls of schools or some public libraries, the avenues for learning are now quite vast - thanks to the internet. That this however coincides with an era where the quest for pleasure rings out loud(er) seems to have limited or watered down how significant these platforms are in the sight of young people.

Just like life itself, the internet presents us with choices, and one can choose to go with satisfying pleasures, marketing items or learning something new on it. It is for the last set of people that this article has been put forward as we discuss five online learning platforms that can be of advantage to them:

  • Udemy: Udemy is an e-learning platform that stands above the rest and is widely regarded as the best among the lot. The platform is a thriving one with more than 24 million students picking from over 130,000 courses - ranging from IT to business, personal development, photography, music, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, finance and so on - available and taught by experts across the various fields. The courses are made available through videos, Power-point presentation, text and other relevant resources, and they can be accessed either through laptops or smartphones. Though most of these courses are accessible upon making subscription for them, students can still take a number of free courses from this digital classroom. Visit the Link for More Udemy
  • Educadium: Educadium is another technology platform where students as well as teachers can find value. The latter, of course, by way of making profits through the services they deliver while the former are equipped with knowledge they need to excel or advance in their fields. Educadium was established over ten years ago and it has on offer a wide range of subjects, which are covered via its EasyCampus learning tool. Visit Educadium for More.
  • Skillshare: Skillshare is a well-design platform with over 30,000 digital classrooms for students to explore. It is integrated with features which enhance its functionality and make it easy for students to navigate through different sections. It can be accessed from mobile devices - be it iOs or Android - and contents from the platform can be downloaded for offline use. Skillshare has a tool specially designed for organisations that may want to train its workforce using the platform. One interesting twist to Skillshare is that, while most e-learning platforms charge per individual course, it gives access to all classes once a paid subscription has been effected - its premium package being just a little under $100 per year. Visit Skillshare For More
  • Coursera: On Coursera, students are presented with opportunities to learn some advanced courses which are taken from the syllabuses of some top universities; University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University being among the notable ones. Besides these (advanced courses), there are other courses that can be of great advantage to any individual who wishes to upgrade his/her skills. While price is attached to certain courses [and the accompanying certification], you can still find some courses that are free on the platform. Visit Coursera for more.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a completely free online educational platform to explore, and a lot of people have been taking advantage of the opportunities to add to their knowledge bank. You can study courses from different fields, from mathematics to computer programming, medicine, arts & humanities and chemistry to mention but a few. Visit Khan Academy for more.