The United States has released the first few steps to securing the US DS-160 non-immigrant visa as they discuss common mistakes applicant make during the process.

When listing out the steps, they also emphasized the need for applicants to answer questions in the most accurate and truthful manner.

  • When filling out their names, the US said that applicants must list their correct legal names as they appear on their international passport. The applicants can only use unofficial names in the “other names used”.
  • At the travel section of the of the application form, applicants are asked to, in as much as possible, state the exact time they would be spending in the US. It is advised that if the date changes, the embassy is to be informed beforehand.
  • The US embassy also said that when filling the form, the address of the place the applicant want to stay in the US must be stated, even if they would be staying with relatives. For instance, if you would be staying in Brooklyn in New York, state it the way it is.
  • On the travel companions, the applicant is expected to list everybody that would be accompanying them, and not only those that would be requiring US visas. The applicant should also state if they have travelled to the US before, even if they have only been in the country in transit within less than 24 hours.
  • Under the Yes/No questions, be as truthful as possible. It is advised that if the applicant has a driver’s license in any state, they must state it. Also, if you have a family in the US, you are to state that too. Employment and marital status must also be clearly stated.
  • Finally, under the preparation submission section, you are to say if were assisted in filling out the form and identify the person who helped you.