Please note that the application will only be accepted when it is complete, i.e. when all the required documents are attached. Should there be documents missing the application will be rejected and the applicant has to apply fresh for a new appointment.

Complete documentation does not guarantee the issuing of visas. Using falsified documents will automatically result in the refusal of the application. The visa fee amount of 60,00 Euro (only payable in 500 and 1.000 Naira bills) will NOT be reimbursed if the visa is refused, regardless of the reasons for the refusal.

Application forms are free of charge.

Visa applications of minors are possible only if accompanied by a person entitled to custody. If this is not possible, the minor has to be accompanied by an authorized representative. The authorized representative has to bring along the original power of attorney as well as an identification card.

Every applicant is asked to provide the following mandatory documents (original + 1copy of each document, unless otherwise specified) after having booked an appointment via our website www.nigeria.diplo.de:

  • valid passport + color copy of its data page –only E-Passports can be accepted, no observations or renewals allowed

  • for non-Nigerian nationals residing in Nigeria: copy of Nigerian residence permit

  • 2 passport photos according to biometric specifications, one attached to application form and one loose (both identical photos)

  • Schengen visa application form

  • travel health insurance

  • copy of the round trip airline reservation with passenger reservation number and travel itinerary (it is recommended not to buy the ticket until the visa is granted)

  • confirmed hotel booking or proof of any other accommodation in Germany

  • color copy of all previous Schengen visas if applicable

  • typed and signed sheet with the following information: name, d.o.b., place o.b., passport number, telephone number, email, postal address, contact in Germany (name and address)

Original invitation letter:

Additionally For persons negotiating, purchasing and shipping goods in/from Germany (e.g.spare part dealers):

  • invitation from a company in Germany (not older than 3 months),

  • including a copy of the German company's „Certificate of Registration/ Incorporation“, (German: Handelsregisterauszug/Gewerbeanmeldung). This document should not be older than 6 months

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration of the company in Nigeria

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association / Company and Allied Matters Act

  • Federal Inland RevenueService Income Tax Clearance Certificate/Company Income Tax Clearance Certificate of the past year

  • company ́s bank statements of the last three months (only stamped and signedbank statements accepted)

  • personal bank statements of the last three months (only stamped and signedbank statements accepted)

  • letter of introduction from employer

  • employment contract and pay slips of the last three months

  • evidence of business in Nigeria and also of former and current transactions in Nigeria and/or abroad (e. g. bills of lading, receipts, contracts)

  • if applicable proof of landed property

  • Marriage Certificate (issued by the marriage registry) or, if traditionally married only, „affidavit of facts“ plus wedding pictures (not for frequent travelers)

  • NPC Birth Certificate/s of minor children even if they are not traveling

  • prepaid courier envelope by any major courier service

If applicant is a minor:

  • child ́s NPC Birth Certificate

  • letter of school confirming current enrolment and sanctioning leave of absence

  • consent letter from both parents regarding child ́s travel

  • copy of parents` passports

  • if one parent is deceased: Death Certificate

  • if parents are divorced: Court Order regarding child ́s custody

Supplementary information or evidence may be requested in each individual case. Please be informed that incomplete applications (e.g. missing set of copies) are likely to be rejected! Please be informed that the maximum size of a bag/backpack/luggage admittible to the Consulate is 30 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm.

Please refrain from bringing bags larger than these measurements with you to your appointments at the Consulate General. Bags bigger than 30 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm cannot be stored at the Consulate which is why applicants who bring such bags with them cannot be allowed into the Consulate.

Thank you for your understanding.

Source: nigeria.diplo.de