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At least four people have been injured in a knife attack at the site of a pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong.

The attack happened at the Cityplaza mall in the Tai Koo district on Hong Kong Island, local media reports said.

One of the injured had his ear partially bitten off by an as-yet unidentified male attacker, who was subdued by passersby in the mall.

Cityplaza had been the scene of one of the protests on Sunday linked to the ongoing pro-democracy campaign.

The campaign initially began with protesters demonstrating against proposals to allow extradition to mainland China.

These proposals have now been dropped, but the protests widened to include more demands, including the implementation of complete universal suffrage (the right of almost all adults to vote in elections).

What happened at Cityplaza?
Local media report that the attack on Sunday evening was prompted by political differences.

The attacker injured at least four people before being beaten up by an angry crowd and arrested, the reports say.

Among those injured was local councillor Andrew Chiu Ka-yin, the South China Morning Post said. His ear was severed.

The paper quoted another victim, a female, as saying the suspect brought out a knife after an argument with her sister and her husband. They were also injured.

The Hong Kong Free Press reported that that attacker was a Mandarin-speaking pro-Beijing supporter, and that police later dispersed the crowd.