Remaining relevant in the future will be incumbent upon the level of your preparedness and how well you are able to maximize your time now - before then. As it is often said: “Our today is a consequence of our many yesterdays“, so would “our tomorrow be a consequence of our many ‘todays‘. it’s all about the future. Looking into the future, there will be certain skills that would be highly revered and this is due to the trends that we are presently seeing. Hence, some courses are of huge importance and it would be wise if you could just take note and act [on the information] that will be shared hereby as you envision a better and brighter future - this is even more significant if you are yet to find your passion or decide on the way to go into your career.

Artificial Intelligence: There is an ever-rising urge to make technology better and even more interactive; this is where Artificial Intelligence(AI) comes in. But this does not just happen; there are brains behind it. In other words, AI can be learned, all you need is to develop an interest in it. Automation is fast gaining precedence in our world and being at the front-line of making machines perform beyond its fundamental attributes will definitely pay off.

Business analytics: In years to come, with men still existing on the face of the earth and irrespective of the fields/areas that are making waves, businesses will remain highly relevant. However, individuals who have studied the performance and data related to business in order to plan out new workable strategies for improved and sustainable profitability are the ones that are bound to make the most of the opportunity. There is certainly a great prospect here - and the pay (salary) is quite rewarding.

Cybersecurity: The ever-increasing tendencies to have hackers on the prowl coupled with the inclination towards digitalization means there is a need for business organizations, particularly those with massive online presence/audience to make certain comprehensive security measures. This opens up tremendous avenues for anyone who is vast in cybersecurity. And, it is already a giving that security agencies and other organizations will have a great need for cybersecurity experts in the future. So, you have got to give this a thought before the space gets flooded.

Coding: We are in a computer age and there’s a language that is very essential [in this age] - though this language is not known, its impact is felt by all. How, [you may ask]? - whether you are switching from one interface to another or playing that favourite game on your smartphone, chatting, posting videos or what-have-you on Facebook or just utilising the browser in some ways, you have benefited from this language. Apps are being generated, improved on and reinvented, and this has only been made possible by programming codes. The yearning for something different or new will always make humans lookout for the latest and/or more advanced app(s) that can satisfy their need or pleasure; herein, is where the work of a coder finds significance, and this is bound to be in the future.

Data science: Here is the big one in this section that deals with maximizing data - whether structured or unstructured - in order to gain valuable insights about specific concepts. Going by the way our world is evolving, data has become [and will continually be] a big ‘deal‘; this means anyone with skills in this area will not be out of jobs now or in the future - it presents a wonderful avenue for you to succeed provided you put your heart to it.

To bring this to a conclusion, that we have touched on these five courses - with a bias towards computer science/technology - does not, however, mean we posit that are other courses are going to be irrelevant in the future. In fact, there are a whole lot of skills we would have loved to discuss but for want of space and time. Notwithstanding, we hope that you ponder on all that we have shared.