Austria plans to start COVID-19 mass testing in December

COVID-19 test

Mass testing for the Coronavirus, (COVID-19) in Austria will be rolled out in twowaves in December and January to prevent further lockdowns, the government announced on Friday.

Afew minutes of testing can prevent several weeks of lockdown for the entire country,Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said in a statement.

We will be able to pinpoint a high number of infected persons quickly, and will be able to break infection chains,he added.

Kurz said that Seven million antigen tests that produce results within minutes have been ordered for the country with a population of 8.9 million people.

He further said that testing would commence with school and daycare teachers from Dec. 5 andDec.6 when the country was expected to end its current second shutdown phase.

Police officers will be tested next, followed by a phase of voluntary testing for the entire population. (dpa/NAN)

Source: NAN News