Text: 2 Tim 1 v 7; Rev 21 v 8; Isaiah 41 v 10; Gen 15 v 1

We are limited by fear in every way. Fear inhibits our actions and progress, hurts our emotions and is a neutralizer of our Faith.

As a believer we must replace fear with Faith. It is a must. Hebrews 11 v 1 says - “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”, and fear is false evidence appearing real. Now they both have evidence, one is built on Faith and another on fear.

The Bible tells us to build our house on the Rock, which is our Faith, Mathew 7 v 24 - 27, Jude 1:20. Your Faith needs to be greater than your fears, tonight The Holy Spirit will help us as we study about overcoming fears in Jesus Name; Amen! Faith over fear.

How to overcome Fears, increasing your Faith

Looking unto Jesus: Heb 12 v 2; Jam 1 v 25 - We increase our Faith by constantly studying the Word and meditating on it day and night. When we study, we take every bit of the Word into us and that makes our lives livable. The Bible says that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

  • I bind and paralyze every strongman of fear in my life in the mighty name of Jesus

  • I lose myself from the bondage of fear in the Name of Jesus

  • I lose myself from all negative religious fears, bondage to traditions of demons and men, religious images and witchcraft prophets in Jesus Name

  • I lose myself from all demonic fears and release myself from all its tormenting and enslaving powers in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Practicalize your Faith:- Faith without works is dead. James 2 v 26. Paying your Tithe is practical Faith, Mal 3 v 10. Paying your offering is practical faith, Mark 12 v 41-44. Prayer Fasting is practical Faith, Mathew 17 v 21.

  • I lose myself from all unholy fear of man and i receive holy boldness, faith, confidence and inner strength in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Let all the doorways and entrances of fear in my life be closed forever in the Name of Jesus Christ

  • Let all the habitation of fear in my life be demolished in Jesus Christ Mighty name Amen

Evangelize your Faith:- Do the work of an evangelist. 2 Tim 4 v 5. Mark 8 v 38; Luke 9 v 26. One of the practical ways of increasing your Faith is identifying with the Lord and Saviour Jesus. We have been given a ministry of reconciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:17-19

  • I bind every spirit of fear afflicting my life in the Name of Jesus Christ

  • Oh Lord break the bands of fear in my life in the Name of Jesus Christ

Praying in the Spirit and praying without ceasing:- Jude 1 v 20. 1 Thess 5 v 17; Luke 18 v 1-8

  • I command every stronghold of fear to break in the Name of Jesus Christ

  • Let all the problems introduced by fear into my life depart now in Jesus Name Amen

Fear is a spirit and is one of the most potent weapon the devil uses against believers. God clearly states in his Word, that we have not been given the spirit of fear, rather we have the Spirit of adoption crying Abba Father. Rom 8 v 15-17. As we have the Spirit of Freedom, we must wrestle out of Satan's grip of fear into the Liberty set for us in Christ. Shalom!!!