There are many sides to St. Valentine’s Day celebration. Like one actress recently aptly puts it, there are victims of St. Valentine’s Day, which according to her, are mostly married people and lovers.

She said the day is not actually seen by most to celebrate the one in their lives but a quickie with a love conquest or a crush that needs convincing. Thinking along same line is another Nollywood actress, Onyi Odimegwu Obodoechina, known as Delaposh on Instagram.

In her post some days before Valentine’s day, she reveals what she wants for the day and what others should really be mindful of.

“Some people have started receiving Val’s gifts. Please, don’t send me flowers, cards or forwarded message to avoid embarrassment. At least send me G-string if you don’t know what to send, it’s better than audio gift,” she said.

Then probably giving a hint she doesn’t give a damn from what source her gift may materialize from, she added, “No man belongs to one woman alone. You can’t be good enough for everyone but you will always be the best for the one who deserves you. Remove expectations from people and you will remove their power from hurting your feelings.

Source: Vanguard NGR