The University of Manchester women’s team kicked out from the school’s field Manchester United new signing Odion Ighalo while he was participating in a solo training session during the winter break observed by his team.

The Sun reported that the ladies were angry that Ighalo was training at a time alloted to them.

And besides, they didn’t know him.

Ighalo did not travel to join up with his team-mates in Spain over fears about increased immigration control due to coronavirus.

Instead, he had sessions back in Manchester, with one falling at the same time a University of Manchester women’s team was due to use a pitch at Wythenshawe playing fields.

None of them recognised the Nigerian, and his identity had to be confirmed by support staff before they allowed him to finish up his training.

One onlooker reportedly said: ‘Nobody knew who this guy was and there was a bit of back and forth between them. The girls were pretty feisty about him being on their pitch.

‘The team just wanted to start their own session but it all ended amicably and a few had their pictures with him,’The Sun reported.