For he was astonished, and all that were with him – Luke 5 v 9

From the moment you begin to walk with the Lord, your life will be full of astonishment, amazements and so many “my Lord and my God” moments (John 20:28).

In Luke 5 v 2; the Bible tells us that some men were done fishing and were washing their nets. Disgruntled and bitter, they had not caught anything, (Luke 5 v 5) and it was in this state that the Lord entered their boats, (Luke 5 v 3) un-announced, asking that they should push the boat again into water so that he can teach some people.

Hmmm, firstly, he entered my ship without telling me; some people will flare up and curse and refuse him, because the individual is frustrated and stressed, he hasn’t caught anything, what will he take home to his wife and kids? It’s already late. Brothers it’s not easy;  when we have toiled all day without selling anything, and the Spirit beckons us to witness or they said we should go for evangelism;  I really don’t know; but the key thing in display here in the life of this fisherman is Obedience.

With the same energy we used to push a boat to the shore without catching anything, am been asked to push the same boat back into water, and the request wasn’t to hire for a fee, but to just use and preach; ok; that word “ok” is full of sacrifice and obedience. And so he did (Luke 5 v 3).

After that, the Lord said again, those my nets that I have washed, I should unbundle it again and cast it into the water; the average mind would say, which kind man is this; who is this? This reflected in Peter’s initial response; “Master we had toiled all night, and have taken nothing;” this was the typical reflection of normalcy after all that had happened, but something overrode this mindset;  Obedience again.

Obedience said “nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net” – Luke 5 v 5. From henceforth, was a life full of amazement.

  1. They inclosed a great multitude of fishes
  2. The nets that were been washed and tied after the day’s work has now broken
  3. Their counterparts which didn’t mind them (if we could use that word) were now been beckoned at to come and help them, not to bring their boat back to shore, but to help them on load the full net of fishes.
  4. They had to borrow the partners boats to be able to accommodate all the fishes
  5. Finally the boats started to sink because of the load of fishes they had caught

All these happened between Luke 5 v 2 and Luke 5 v 5. Beloved, this is short of amazement and wonder. It can only happen through Obedience. Indeed Obedience is better than sacrifice. 1 Samuel 15:22

Verse 8 – “When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus knees, saying; depart from me; for I am a sinful man O Lord”. Verse 9 – “For he was astonished…” who would not?

I beseech you to open up to this Wonder Working Life of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ today; it is practical, amazing, miraculous and overflowing.

Kindly say this short prayer “Lord Jesus, I am sinner, I cannot help myself, please help me; I believe you’re the Son of God; I believed you died for me; I believe you rose up on the third say; I believe you’re seated at the Right Hand of God and I believe you’ll come back again; Come into my hear, write my name in the book of Life, remove my name from the book of death, so that at the end, I’ll see you again. Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen”.