Subject: English Comprehension

Topic: Responsible Citizen

Duration: 40mins/period

Reference Material: Macmillan Primary English Course, 5

Previous Knowledge: Pupils are familiar with answering comprehension passage

Objective: At the end of the lesson, pupils should:

  • Pronounces and spell the new words
  • Form sentences with the new words
  • Read and answer the questions from the comprehension passage


  1. Explain 2. Compound 3. Assembly        
  2. Chance 5. Citizen 6. Museum         

Form Sentences with the New Words

  1. I was on the assembly ground when the public holiday was declared
  2. My father praised my mother for preparing a delicious meal
  3. The policeman failed to listen to her explanation
  4. She is a good citizen of Nigeria.
  5. The cleaner sweeps the school compound every morning


Step 1: Teacher ask the pupils to pronounce (new words)from the previous lesson

Step 2: Teacher pronounces the new words in the new topic while the pupils repeats after the teacher

Step 3: Pupils look for the meaning of the new words in the dictionary and form sentences with them

Step 4: Pupils answers the comprehension questions


  1. When did they notice the girl was following them?

They noticed the girl was following them immediately they crossed the road.

  1. Why did Odion pick her up?

Odion picked her up because there was a lot of traffic

  1. Why didn’t they put her down?

They didn’t put her down because they were afraid she would follow them and yet run over on the buy road.

  1. Why didn’t Odion take her to his house?

Odion didn’t take her to his house because his father was away and his mother was at work.

  1. Where did they decide to take the child?

They decided to go to the Police Station

Conclusion: Teacher moves round for inspection, marking and correction of notes where necessary

Assignment: Macmillan Primary English Course, Book 5, Page 75, Ex 6, a – j.