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    Text: 2 Tim 1 v 7; Rev 21 v 8; Isaiah 41 v 10; Gen 15 v 1

    We are limited by fear in every way. Fear inhibits our actions and progress, hurts our emotions and is a neutralizer of our Faith.

    As a believer we must replace fear with Faith. It is a must. Hebrews 11 v 1 says - “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”, and fear is false evidence appearing real. Now they both have evidence, one is built on Faith and another on fear.

    The Bible tells us to build our house on the Rock, which is our Faith, Mathew 7 v 24 - 27, Jude 1:20. Your Faith needs to be greater than your fears, tonight The Holy Spirit will help us as we study about overcoming fears in Jesus Name; Amen! Faith over fear.

    How to overcome Fears, increasing your Faith

    Looking unto Jesus: Heb 12 v 2; Jam 1 v 25 - We increase our Faith by constantly studying the Word and meditating on it day and night. When we study, we take every bit of the Word into us and that makes our lives livable. The Bible says that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

    • I bind and paralyze every strongman of fear in my life in the mighty name of Jesus

    • I lose myself from the bondage of fear in the Name of Jesus

    • I lose myself from all negative religious fears, bondage to traditions of demons and men, religious images and witchcraft prophets in Jesus Name

    • I lose myself from all demonic fears and release myself from all its tormenting and enslaving powers in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

    Practicalize your Faith:- Faith without works is dead. James 2 v 26. Paying your Tithe is practical Faith, Mal 3 v 10. Paying your offering is practical faith, Mark 12 v 41-44. Prayer Fasting is practical Faith, Mathew 17 v 21.

    • I lose myself from all unholy fear of man and i receive holy boldness, faith, confidence and inner strength in the Name of Jesus Christ
    • Let all the doorways and entrances of fear in my life be closed forever in the Name of Jesus Christ

    • Let all the habitation of fear in my life be demolished in Jesus Christ Mighty name Amen

    Evangelize your Faith:- Do the work of an evangelist. 2 Tim 4 v 5. Mark 8 v 38; Luke 9 v 26. One of the practical ways of increasing your Faith is identifying with the Lord and Saviour Jesus. We have been given a ministry of reconciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:17-19

    • I bind every spirit of fear afflicting my life in the Name of Jesus Christ

    • Oh Lord break the bands of fear in my life in the Name of Jesus Christ

    Praying in the Spirit and praying without ceasing:- Jude 1 v 20. 1 Thess 5 v 17; Luke 18 v 1-8

    • I command every stronghold of fear to break in the Name of Jesus Christ

    • Let all the problems introduced by fear into my life depart now in Jesus Name Amen

    Fear is a spirit and is one of the most potent weapon the devil uses against believers. God clearly states in his Word, that we have not been given the spirit of fear, rather we have the Spirit of adoption crying Abba Father. Rom 8 v 15-17. As we have the Spirit of Freedom, we must wrestle out of Satan's grip of fear into the Liberty set for us in Christ. Shalom!!!

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    Lesson notes, also known as lesson plans, are an important tool for teachers and are used to help organize and plan their classes. The format and content of lesson notes may vary depending on the subject being taught, the age of the students, and the teaching style of the instructor.

    In general, lesson notes should include an introduction to the topic, a list of learning objectives or goals, a summary of the main points that will be covered, and any resources or materials that will be used in the lesson. They may also include activities or assignments for students to complete, and may include a section for reflection or assessment of the lesson.

    There are a few challenges that teachers may face when preparing lesson notes. One challenge is finding the time to create detailed and comprehensive lesson plans, as teaching can be a very time-consuming job. Another challenge is ensuring that the lesson plans are aligned with national education standards and are appropriate for the age and ability level of the students. Teachers may also face the challenge of adapting their lesson plans to accommodate the diverse needs of their students, including students with learning disabilities or English language learners.

    We understand these challenges and that’s why we created the lessonotes App. Please do well to download it and use for free. We would be constantly adding new notes in the new year. We wish you a prosperous new year and hope you our teachers earn more and are all round successful.

    Download for Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lessonotes.lesson_notes
    Download for iOS - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lessonotes/id6444657531

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    There are many potential ideas for mobile apps, and the best one for you will depend on your interests and goals. Here are a few ideas to get you started

    • A social networking app that connects people with similar hobbies or interests.

    • A productivity app that helps users manage their time and tasks more efficiently.

    • A workout tracker and fitness planner app.
    • A recipe and meal planning app.
    • A travel planning and booking app.
    • A language learning app.
    • A mindfulness and meditation app.
    • A budgeting and personal finance app.
    • A virtual reality or augmented reality app.
    • A messaging app with unique features, such as self-destructing messages or encrypted communication.

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    Lagos Ride is a smart mobility solution that allows users to book and share the cost of a ride from their preferred pickup to drop off locations respectively. It will link users up based on their preferred pick and drop off points, each not more than 1km apart respectively, and a pick-up time not more than 5 minutes apart.

    We believe this service will contribute to a reduction in traffic congestion in Lagos as it will encourage ride sharing and therefore reduce the frequency of single-occupancy driving.
    This scheme was set up as part of ongoing efforts of the Lagos state government to optimize the transit experience of Lagosians.

    The state through its investment company, Ibile Holdings intervened in the acquisition of 1,000 brand new cars to be used on the LagosRide platform. The cars would be made available to interested partners/drivers after a down payment of 20% has been made and balance payment will be deducted from daily fares/earnings over a maximum period of 4 years.

    Why is LagRide a Better Option
    The Lagos Ride platform was built with the objective of protecting the interests of all the stakeholders required to provide great service.
    We recognise your role as the most important stakeholder as your service determines the experience of the end-users.

    Advantages of LagRide for Drivers

    • You have access to comprehensive insurance and registration (No more harassment from Police)

    • Fleet management solution to provide routine maintenance and spare part replacement

    • Personal insurance to cover accident, disability and loss of life.

    • Dedicated mobile device for your operation

    • Health insurance to cover for you and your family

    Security for you

    • SOS Button on your app

    • Panic button in your car

    • Dash cam to see and ensure we hear your own side of the story

    Trainings for you

    • LASDRI

    • Soft kill re-tooling

    • First Aid

    Earn More

    • Higher revenue per km resulting from ride sharing

    • Revenue share on in-car advertising

    • Performance based incentives., such as Eko token, Defined Contribution Plans, and lots more

    Seamless fare collection

    • Wallets

    • Card Payments

    Requirements to become a LagRide Driver
    Here you will be required to provide accurate information in the registration form on the sign-up page. A non-refundable fee of N17,000.00 will be paid to cover the following services

    1. Verification of LASDRI ID (where available, if not we will help you procure one)
    2. Verification of LASRAA ID (where available, if not we will help you procure one)
    3. Medical history check
    4. Security check
    5. NIN verification
    6. Driver’s license verification

    Successful candidates from the prequalification stage will go on to complete the onboarding process which comprises the following

    1. Structured training from LASDRI
    2. Soft skills training
    3. First Aid training
    4. Lagos Ride driver app training

    After successful completion of the above stages, a car and a mobile device will be assigned to you. You will be required to pay the sum of N1,845,500.00 in this stage. This sum covers the following:

    • 20% equity 1 of cost of vehicle

    • Registration and Insurance

    • Advance rent payment on Dashcam for a month

    • First - Aid kit

    • LASG E-Taxi license

    • Soft skill training

    Fares & Deductions
    All trip fares are expected to be remitted electronically via the LagosRide platform. Where a rider is carrying physical cash, you will be required to credit the equivalent sum in value to the wallet of the user.

    Daily deductions from trip fares are in two categories;

    • Mandatory debt service of N8,709

    • 25% for service fee.

    Vehicle Ownership

    • The vehicle assigned to you after your successful on boarding remains the property of Ibile Holdings till you complete your debt service.

    • Title and ownership will only be completely transferred to you upon complete payment of all outstanding obligations.

    • You are required to service debt using your daily fares for the first two years, after this,you can pay down on your debt and get out of the obligation, no outright payment shall be honoured in the first 2 years of being in possession of this asset.

    Maintenance and Insurance

    1. Maintenance and all insurance considerations shall be executed on your behalf
    2. You are required to comply with all maintenance service schedules or calls for maintenance, non-compliance attracts a penalty
    3. All maintenance requests or complaints about the vehicle in your possession are meant to be logged in the maintenance module in your mobile app.
    4. Any cost or damage incurred from taking the vehicle to an unauthorized service centre or without prior notice shall be borne by you
    5. Insurance considerations cover the following:- Comprehensive Insurance; Protection against accident;, disability and/or loss of life; Health insurance for you and your immediate family.
    6. A pension scheme and a defined contribution scheme are also in place

    Deductions and Disbursements

    • Your account will show your cumulative net earnings at the end of each day

    • Disbursements to you will happen twice a week for now, on Mondays and Thursdays

    • You will be responsible for fuelling your car from your net earnings

    Cash Collection

    • You may only collect physical cash from a rider after he/she has indicated that preference while requesting a trip

    • Where cash is the selected mode of payment, once you confirm receipt of cash from the rider, the equivalent sum will be deducted from your net position in your wallet.

    • Bank transfers to your personal account are prohibited

    For additional information, kindly download the Driver Requirements Document below

    LagRide Driver Requirements Document.pdf

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    Topic: O God Arise and Turn my problem mountain to Miracles
    Text: John 5 v 1 - 15

    Our God is a miracle working God, he can turn around any situation from worse to good is an instant. Here we have the story of a man who has been idle and stagnant for 38 years. And just within 1 day, Jesus Christ turned his situation around. I pray today, the Lord will turn around every negative situation in your life for the better in Jesus Name.

    In John 11 v 1 - 43; we can see the story of Lazarus. We all know this story. Jesus turned the sorrow and sadness of his sisters to joy by raising Lazarus from the dead. No matter how long a happy situation in your life has turned to sorrow, Jesus will turn those situations around tonight in Jesus Name.

    Also in John 9 v 1 - 41; Jesus gave light to a man who had lived all his life in darkness. A man born blind received his sight. What does this tell us; no matter the negative inheritance you were born with or bondage you carried from your birth, Jesus can turn them around for good today in Jesus Name. Only if you can pray tonight and call upon him.

    In Luke 7 v 11 - 17, Jesus restored a widows joy by raising her only son back to life. Whatever is giving you joy and the enemy has stolen them, tonight as we pray, the Lord will restore them in Jesus Name.

    Let us rise up.

    Prayer points

    1. Thou King of glory, arise, visit me and turn around my captivity in the name of Jesus.

    2. I shall not regret; I will become great, in the name of Jesus.

    3. Every habitation of humiliation and demotion, fashioned against me, be battered, shattered and swallowed up by the power of God in Jesus name

    4. O Lord, station and establish me in Your favour in the name of Jesus

    5. God of restoration, restore my glory, in the name of Jesus.

    6. As darkness gives up before light, O Lord, let all my problems give up before me, in the name of Jesus.

    7. Thou power of God, destroy every trouble in my life, in Jesus name.

    8. O God, arise and attack every lack in my life, in the name of Jesus.

    9. Thou power of liberty and dignity, manifest in my life, in the name of Jesus.

    10. Every chapter of sorrow and slavery in my life, close forever, in the name of Jesus.

    11. Thou power of God, usher me out of the balcony of disgrace by fire, in the name of Jesus.

    12. Every obstacle in my life, give way to miracles, in Jesus name.

    13. Every frustration in my life, become a bridge to my miracles, in the name of Jesus.

    14. Every enemy, exploring devastating strategies against my progress in life, be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.

    15. Every residential permit for me to stay in the valley of defeat, be revoked, in the name of Jesus.

    16. I prophesy that bitter life shall not be my portion; better life shall be my testimony, in the name of Jesus.

    17. Every habitation of cruelty, fashioned against my destiny, become desolate, in the name of Jesus.

    18. All my trials, become gateways to my promotions, in the name of Jesus.

    19. You anger of God, write the obituary of all my oppressors, in the name of Jesus.

    20. O Lord, let Your presence begin a glorious story in my life in the name of Jesus

    21. Oh Lord, activate Your high calling in my life, in the name of Jesus.

    22. Oh Lord, anoint me to recover the wasted years in every area of my life, in Jesus name

    23. Oh Lord, if I have fallen behind in any area of my life, empower me to recover all lost opportunities and wasted years, in the name of Jesus.

    24. Any power that says I will not go forward, be arrested, in the name of Jesus.

    25. Any power that wants to keep me in want in the midst of plenty, die, in Jesus name.

    26. Any power that wants to draw me away from the presence of the Lord to destroy me, die, in the name of Jesus.

    27. I prophesy that I will get to my promised inheritance, in the name of Jesus.

    28. Any power that wants me to fulfil my destiny partially, die, in the name of Jesus.

    29. Oh Lord, anoint me with power, to destroy all foundational covenants, in the name of Jesus.

    30. Oh Lord, use my substance for the furtherance of the gospel, in the name of Jesus.

    31. Any satanic Poison eaten from the table of the enemy, depart from my life now, in Jesus name.

    32. I destroy every demonic opposition to my breakthroughs, in the name of Jesus.

    33. Every anti-victory spirit, loose your hold upon my life, in the name of Jesus.

    34. I cast the spirits behind my problems unto the fire of judgement, in the name of Jesus.

    35. Let every agent of oppression, be punished and tormented unto submission, in the name of Jesus.

    36. Every satanic case-file opened against my life, be closed forever by the blood of Jesus.

    37. Every agent of oppression, I oppress you today by the power of the holy ghost in Jesus name

    38. Let every agent of oppression experience God as a mighty terrible one, in the name of Jesus.

    39. O God arise and turn my problem mountains to miracles in the Name of Jesus

    40. Lord, let riot and confusion baptise the camp of my enemies in the Name of Jesus

    Let’s begin to appreciate God for answered prayers.

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    Are you a teacher? Get access to hundreds of already prepared lesson notes in PDF and download free of charge.

    Download Below on Play Store.


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    President Muhammadu Buhari has commiserated with the families of three University of Port Harcourt students reportedly murdered by their kidnappers and their bodies buried in a shallow grave in April.

    He said the killers must be apprehended and made to face the wrath of the law.

    The President also extended condolences to the university authorities and the Rivers State Government over the unfortunate incident.

    Describing the tragic occurrence as “sad and heinous,” Buhari regretted that the “evil perpetrators have cut short the prospectively bright journey of these youths.”

    He prayed that God would comfort all those who mourned these young students, and grant their souls eternal rest.

    Buhari, while noting that the Nigerian Police Anti-Kidnapping Unit has apprehended one of the suspected perpetrators, further directed the Police Authorities to intensify search for the remaining suspects and bring them to justice.

    According to the President, “This administration will continue to equip the law enforcement and security agencies to bring to an end the evil activities of kidnappers in the country.”

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    The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has ordered banks to stop any form of retrenchment of workers now.

    Isaac Okorafor Director, Corporate Communications, CBN, said the apex Bankers’ Committee both decided to suspend lay-offs in banks.

    The statement said that in order to help minimize and mitigate the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on families and livelihoods, no bank in Nigeria shall retrench or lay-off any staff of any cadre (including full-time and part-time).”

    It said the decision was taken following special meeting of the Bankers’ Committee on May 2, 2020, to further review the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Nigerian banking industry.

    The statement said the Committee deliberated on the issue of the operating costs of banks in view of the disruptions emanating from the global economic difficulties.

    The CBN stated that at the end of the meeting, it was decided that the express approval of the Central Bank of Nigeria shall be required in the event that it became absolutely necessary to lay-off any such staff.

    Access Bank had recently laid off some staff, citing economic downturn occasioned by Coronavirus lockdown as reason.

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    Music director and producer Clarence Peters is currently being detained by Lagos police over the death of popular dancer, Love Divines known as Kodak.

    This happened after reports emerged that the popular dancer died at Peters’ house on Wednesday while charging her iPhone.

    It was reported that the dancer was barefooted and sat near the door of the residence while operating the plugged phone when the incident happened.

    According to reports, she suffered chest burns when the phone fell on her body and died before they got to the hospital.

    However, The Nation reported that Peters is now being detained and questioned at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Yaba.

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    Friday Akpan, the chief suspect in the abduction and murder of three UNIPORT students has told Rivers Police Command why his gang committed the heinous crime.

    Kidnapped and later killed were Joy Adoki, a 400 level student of Management, Fortune Obemba, and Nelson Nwafor.

    Akpan, a member of the gang called Trouble, claimed his gang kidnapped the three students on the order of one Bright.

    The latter claimed one of the victims, Nelson, betrayed him after money was paid into his account.

    He didn’t state how much money Bright paid his gang.


    Akpan was arrested on 30 April.

    He later led the police to the arrest of two other members of the gang and the forest where they killed and buried the three students.

    The forest was in Etoo in Eleme LGA.

    Akpan admitted he joined in the gang-raping of Joy, but denied taking part in killing her and other two victims.

    According to him, the three victims were killed when they could not pay the ransom demanded.
    The Officer in Charge of Anti-kidnapping unit, SP Shedar Edward, said the three suspects belong to “Iceland cult” group.

    He said they are helping the police to rid the state of criminal elements.

    Yesterday, the Rivers State Police Command exhumed the remains of the undergraduates at Etoo Forest, almost 23 days after they were abducted.

    The Police Public Relations Officer,PPRO, of Rivers State Police Command, Nnamdi Omoni spoke on the efforts by the police.

    ‘’Men of the anti-kidnap unit swung into action and in the course of their investigation arrested one Friday Akpan who confessed to the crime and led the police to the arrest of two other accomplices”.

    Omoni said one AK 47 riffle, one Pistol, three magazines,72 rounds of live ammunition were recovered from the suspects.

    The Police assured that they would arrest the fleeing members of the gang.

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    The authorities of University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, said two of the murdered victims of abductors in Rivers were not their students.

    A spokesman for the university, Dr. Williams Wodi identified the only female victim, Joy Favour Adoki, as a student.

    She was a 400 level Management Science Student and lived off campus in Alakahia community in Obi-Akpor LGA, he said.

    Disclaimed by the university were Nelson Nwafor and Fortune Obemba.

    The bodies of the three victims of abduction were exhumed by the police on 1 May, at Eteo forest in Eleme Local Government Area.


    Wodi said the university has no records of Nwafor and Obemba.

    “Only the girl (Joy Favour Adoki) is a student of UNIPORT. The other two are not.

    The girl is of faculty of Management Science. She resides off-campus at Alakahia,” Wodi said.

    Wodi added that Adoki was expected to have been with her parents after the closure of the university.

    UNIPORT, like other Federal-owned universities were shut on 20 March over COVID-19 pandemic.

    Adoki and the other victims were kidnapped on 7 April.

    Friday Akpan, one of the leaders of the kidnapping gang took operatives of the anti-kidnapping unit of Rivers State Police Command to Eteo Forest on 1 May.

    There, the three bodies were retrieved and taken to the morgue.

    They were all initially recognised as UNIPORT students.

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    All the improperly kitted mourners at the burial 18 April of Malam Abba Kyari have tested negative to coronavirus.

    Dr Mohammed Kawu, Acting Secretary, FCT Health and Human Services Secretariat, made this known in Abuja on Sunday.

    Kawu said they have completed 14 days in isolation and been reunited with their families.

    There was a national uproar after a video of the mourners went viral.

    The video showed some of them without masks.

    One of the mourners also dumped a protective suit carelessly at the burial ground in Gudu, Abuja.

    Their actions breached the burial protocol outlined by the World Health Organisation and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC.

    The FCTA swiftly moved to arrest all the mourners.

    Some of them, who were staff of the Presidency, were barred from coming to the office, until they completed 14-day isolation.

    Abba Kyari, President Buhari’s chief of staff died in Lagos on 17 April from COVID-19 complications.

    He was buried 18 April in Abuja.

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    Subject: Computer Education

    Topic: Purpose of using Computer

    Duration: 40mins

    Reference Material: Basic Computer Education for the New Generation 5

    Previous Knowledge: Pupils are familiar with the computer system.

    Objective: At the end of the lesson, pupils should:

    • State the purpose of using computer
    • State professionals and what they use the computer for


    Purpose of using Computer

    1. Performing calculations: addition of numbers, subtractions, multiplication and division e.g. Microsoft excel can be used for mathematical calculations
    2. Saving and storing of data
    3. To retrieve data
    4. Processing of data
    5. To do different task e.g. produce recording, teaching graphic, playing computer games e.t.c.

    Places in the Society Where Computers can be used

    1. Financial institution: insurance companies, banks, stock exchange
    2. Public institution: they are government owned companies e.g. water corporation, PHCN, Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC)
    • Social institution: clubs, association, such as tennis club etc.
    1. Academic institution: they are schools e.g. college, universities, polytechnics etc.
    2. Private institution: they are companies established by individual or group of people in order to make profits e.g. Cadbury Nigeria ltd, GLOBACOM


    Professional Uses of the Computer


    Uses computer to teach; learn and for research


    Uses computer for financial record


    To read weather condition


    To keep farm record

    Medical Doctor

    To diagnose patient sickness


    To study and make research


    Uses computer for office records and information process


    For structural designs, and for calculations


    Step 1: Teacher revises the previous lesson with the pupils.

    Step 2: Teacher introduces and explains the new topic to the pupils.

    Step 3: Pupils are allowed to ask questions.

    Step 4: Teacher writes notes under content on the board for pupils to copy.


    1. Mention the purpose of using the computer
    2. List three places in the society where computer can be used

    Conclusion: Teacher moves round for inspection, marking and correction of notes where necessary.

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    Subject: Agricultural Science

    Topic: Pest and Diseases of Crop Plants

    Duration: 40mins

    Reference Material: Agricultural Science for Primary School, 5

    Instructional Material: Pictures of some common pest e.g. squirrel, rat, weevil

    Previous Knowledge: Pupils are familiar with common disease in livestock production.

    Objective: At the end of the lesson, pupils should:

    • List the categories of Pest
    • Define Disease


    A pest is any organism that is capable of causing damage to plants. There are different categories of pest; they are insects, pest, rodents (rat, squirrel), birds, monkeys and human pest.

    Insect pest is the category of pest capable of causing the largest proportion of damage to crops. They may be categorized into two based on their mouth parts

    1. Chewing and biting mouth parts e.g. weevil, grasshopper
    2. Piercing and sucking mouth parts e.g. butterfly, mouth, cotton stainer

    Disease is the alteration or deviation from normal state of health in animals or deviation from normal physiological function of the plant.

    Signs/Symptoms of Disease in Plants

    • Stunted growth of plants
    • Poor or low yield
    • Physical defeats such as poor colouration and irregular stem growth
    • Premature death of plants
    • Abnormal maturity of fruits.

    Disease in plants are caused by parasites or unfavourable environmental conditions.


    Step 1: Teacher revises the previous lesson with the pupils.

    Step 2: Teacher introduces and explains the new topic to the pupils.

    Step 3: Pupils are allowed to ask questions.

    Step 4: Teacher writes notes under content on the board for pupils to copy.


    1. What are Pests?
    2. Define Diseases

    Conclusion: Teacher moves round for inspection, marking and correction of notes where necessary

    Assignment: Agricultural science for Pry Sch, 5 Page 52, ex 4, 1 – 10

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    Subject: Social Studies

    Topic: Wages and Income

    Duration: 40mins

    Reference Material: Easyway to Social Studies for Primary School, 5

    Previous Knowledge: Pupils are familiar with employment.

    Objective: At the end of the lesson, pupils should:

    • Explain Wages
    • Give reasons why some people earn high salaries


    Wages and salaries are the amount of money paid to workers by their employers after the workers have done their job.

    Salary differs from wages in the sense that salaries are fixed, regular and usually paid every month, while wages are paid according to the number of hours, days or weeks that a person works.

    Other Incomes

              In addition to salaries and wages, other income workers can get are the following:

    1. Transport allowance
    2. Interest from saving
    3. Housing allowance
    4. Gratuity
    5. Dividends

    Reasons why some workers receive higher salaries than others

    1. A very big company/industry pays higher salary than smaller ones
    2. Workers who do delicate work (doctors) or dangerous works (pilot) often receive more salary than those who do normal work.
    3. A person with higher qualification
    4. Those who do their work better gets a higher pay
    5. Those who do more work than others

    Effects of Unequal Wages and Salaries

    1. They stage a demonstration o they go on strike
    2. They may protest by writing to their managers to complain
    3. They may work without giving their best, because they are unhappy
    4. They might decide to resign


    Step 1: Teacher revises the previous lesson with the pupils.

    Step 2: Teacher introduces and explains the new topic to the pupils.

    Step 3: Pupils are allowed to ask questions.

    Step 4: Teacher writes notes under content on the board for pupils to copy.


    1. List four other types of income that workers can get
    2. State the difference between wages and salary

    Conclusion: Teacher collects notes for correction and marking.

    Assignment: State reasons why people collect different salaries

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    Subject: Bible Knowledge

    Topic: Jesus leads us to the Father

    Duration: 40mins

    Reference Material: Christian Religious Knowledge for Primary School, 5

    Instructional Material: Luke 10:22, John 3:16-17; 10:11-18.

    Previous Knowledge: Pupils are familiar with Jesus the son of God

    Objective: At the end of the lesson, pupils should:

    • List the roles of Jesus in our lives
    • Explain why Jesus is called the Good Shepherd


    Jesus is the son of God who became man for our sins “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent Jesus to the world so we might be saved through Him.

    Jesus is capable of leading us to the Father. He says that “I am the door, if anyone enters by me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture (John 10:9)”.

    Jesus was tried and condemned because of our sins in order for us to be saved. Anything we ask for in the name of Jesus will be given to us by God the Father because the name is the name above all names.

    Jesus is the Good Shepherd, He protects His sheep from the attack of robbers and danger. As a Good Shepherd, Jesus knows those who believe in Him and He cares for them. He knows the Father and the Father knows Him. He tells us that He and the Father are one. He will give eternal life to anyone who follows Him.

    Moral Lesson

    1. God demonstrated His love to us by giving us Jesus, we should in return give ourselves in service unto God through Jesus Christ.
    2. Just like Jesus is the Good Shepherd, we should also be good followers of His.
    3. We must pray to the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ.


    Step 1: Teacher revises the previous lesson with the pupils.

    Step 2: Teacher introduces and explains the new topic to the pupils.

    Step 3: Pupils are allowed to ask questions.

    Step 4: Teacher writes notes under content on the board for pupils to copy.


    1. Jesus became a man in order to ____________________
    2. List two moral lessons from the lesson “Jesus leads us to the Father”

    Conclusion: Teacher moves round for inspection, marking and correction of notes where necessary.

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    Subject: Mathematics

    Topic: Multiplication of Decimals by Whole Numbers

    Duration: 40mins/period

    Reference Material: Macmillan Champion Mathematics, 5

    Previous Knowledge: Pupils are familiar with multiplication.

    Objective: At the end of the lesson, pupils should:

    1. Multiply decimals by 10, 100 and 1000
    2. Solve word problems on multiplication of decimals by whole numbers


    Example 1: Multiply 3.8 x 10 =  

    The decimal points moves one place to the right

    Example 2: Multiply 2.74 x 100 = 274

    When multiplied by 100, the decimal point is moved two places to the right

    Example 3: 3.8 x 1000 = 3800

    When we multiply by 1000, the decimal point is moved three places to the right



    Step 1: Teacher revises the previous lessons with the pupils

    Step 2: Teacher introduces and solve examples on the new topic

    Step 3: Pupils are allowed to ask questions

    Step 4: Teacher writes questions on multiplication of decimals by whole number on the board for pupils to solve.



    (a) 56.9 x 57        (b) 75.9 x 86        (c) 7.324 x 41      (d) 36.8 x 35

    (e) The weekly salary of a worker is N850.75. Find his monthly salary.

    (f) If 1 packet of biscuits cost N685.50. Find the costs of 80 similar packets.

    Conclusion: Teacher moves round for inspection, marking and correction of notes where necessary

    Assignment: Page 86, Ex 2, 1 – 5.

      Page 88, 1 – 5.

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  • D

    Chief Raymond Dokpesi, founder of Daar Communications Plc, owners of Raypower FM and Africa International Television (AIT), his wife and his three children have tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus.

    Four of his relations have also tested positive for the virus.

    One of his sons, Dokpesi Jnr, had been confirmed positive for the virus and admitted to Isolation Centre.

    A statement issued by Daar Communications Plc on Friday, said its Chairman, Chief Raymond Dokpesi Jnr had on Thursday, April 23, 2020 tested positive after a test was carried out on him by the NCDC.

    The statement said following the development, “we wish to state that in conformity with the Federal Government protocol on the COVID-19 administration and management, his entire household and those that had contacts with him were subsequently subjected to the test and with so much emotional pains, we hereby announce that the under listed have equally been confirmed positive:

    “1) High chief Aleogho Dokpesi ( His Father/ Founder DAAR Communications PLC) 2. Our chairman’s wife; 3. His three children; 4. some relatives, making a total of eight.

    :They are all presently on their way to the Federal Government isolation centre at Gwagwalada in Abuja.

    “The Board, Management and the entire staff wish them their prayers and the grace of the good Lord for speedy recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic.”

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    Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has declared one Mrs. Amaka Okoro, who tested positive for coronavirus disease, wanted for treatment.

    He announced this on Thursday, during a media briefing in Benin to update the state on the progress made so far to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

    According to the Governor, the COVID-19 patient is a nursing mother, who has a baby that is already coughing.

    “She lives at 2 Atoe Idubor Str, off 2nd Ugbor, Benin City. She has been unreachable since her results returned positive.” he said.

    Meanwhile, Obaseki has extended the dusk-to dawn curfew imposed in the state to check the spread of coronavirus disease for another 14 days.

    He, however, made an hour upward review of the curfew from 8pm to 6am.

    “Since my last public update about 10 days ago, I am here to inform you that we have made tremendous progress in the area of screening, testing and improved awareness of our citizens about the virus.

    “We are working closely with public and private hospitals, we have screened about 20,000 people and tested 297 citizens.

    “This increased screening and testing is the reason for the increased number of cases in the state.

    “We are aggressively pushing to screen our minimum target of about 500,000 people and test about one percent of them which is about 5,000, in the next few weeks.

    “As we increase testing, we are likely to see an astronomic rise in the number of cases in the state.

    “Of the 20,000 people, we have screened and of the 297 samples taken, we have recorded 37 confirmed cases as at today, discharged eight and lost three people.

    “It is worthy of note that late testing was a strong factor leading to fatality. That is why I’m advising that everybody go out for screening at the numerous screening centres in the state,” he said.

    Obaseki noted that the various screening centres offers free medical services, free face mask and free multivitamins .

    “I’m confident that we can beat this virus if we follow the measures put in place strictly.

    “I want to appreciate the good people of the state for their cooperation and compliance with the curfew which l imposed 10 day ago.

    “I know that the curfew has created inconveniences and loss of income to many families. However, this is the sacrifice we have to make to protect the citizens and their families.

    “We have decided to commence another round of palliative distribution to the vulnerable groups in our communities.

    “With the lessons we have learnt in the past, we have put measures in place to make sure that only the targeted people receives these items,” he added.

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    President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the implementation of the Steve Oronsaye report that recommended a trimming of the Federal bureaucracy.

    Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed gave the indication in an interview on Channels TV Programme Politics Today.

    Ahmed said Buhari has directed the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and the Head of Service to begin the restructuring and rationalization, in line with the report.

    The Oronsaye committee was constituted in 2011 during the Goodluck Jonathan administration to seek ways of cutting cost of governance in the country.

    The committee found that there were, at the time 541 government parastatals, commissions and agencies.

    Among others, it recommended the reduction of statutory agencies from 263 to 161.

    “The president has approved that this administration should implement the Oransanye report”, Zainab Ahmed said.

    “It has reviewed the whole of the size of government and has made very significant recommendations in terms of reducing the number of agencies and that would mean merging some agencies.

    “This is a report that has been in place for a long time and there hasn’t been implementation but the president has approved that this should be implemented.

    “We have conveyed Mr President’s approval to the arms of government that are responsible for this and that will be the office of the secretary of government and the head of civil service of the federation.” Zainab said.

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